Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Changes made.

G'day all.
I will be changing the track plan as I've decided to make my layout smaller. It will now be a basic branch line siding with a platform and goods shed. The table has been finally cut to size. 2.7 metres long, 53 cm wide.


  1. Hi Alex

    The track plan is kinda right for a country VR Station, however, I think you should connect the Goods Shed road to No.2 road as per VR track design.

    Also, do you have a plan with a scale on it which you can put up?


  2. Hey Shelton. Thanks for the thought, i'll keep that in mind :). I don't have a scaled plan just yet, the table will probably only be two metres or so long. This is my first VR layout and i didn't want it too big, hopefully it will expand in the future.

    Regards, Alex

  3. Officially changed to suit VR track design!